Purchasing photos: All of the images are available to buy. All prints are unmounted.

To purchase please email me with the full details of the image, event, image number and size, and I will have them processed. I usually invoice when the photos are sent out, however for large orders I may request a deposit.

Current costs per print are:

Size Cost Notes
6" x 4"   2.00 'Normal' photo size
7" x 5" 3.50
10" x 8 " 7.00 10 x 8 is the most common enlargement size for framing purposes. However due to the nature of some of the images they may not crop well. 9 x 6 has similar ratio to original image and usually enlarges better. I will supply 10 x 8 where possible.
9"x 6" 7.00

There will be a postage charge, as I send out orders by recorded delivery, however this is usually only 1 the photos will need to be signed for, so please bear this in mind when giving me a delivery address.

Image Quality: The quality of the images on this website are low and for viewing on screen only. They will be poor if printed. Mostly they have been batch processed for the purposes of this website, and as result some images will appear slightly over or under exposed. This will be corrected in the final print as will any colour casts
If you require images for use on websites or screen savers please contact me to discuss.
Printing: I will check the images and crop in (zoom) so that the person fill the frame better. If you wish the photo to be unaltered please let me know. I will also make any colour corrections necessary.
If you have any special requirements on the image please inform me at the time of ordering
The Photos are printed professionally on photographic paper at a lab. I do not print them at home.